Tal Wolf:

Tal originally came to Performance Sails as a customer when he purchased a suit of sails for his C&C 27. He liked the sails so much he became an enthusiastic supporter of the concept of an independent sailloft that made high-quality, custom sails designed for each customer. Durk asked Tal to help out at the Toronto boat show and Tal was very effective at communicating his enthusiasm.
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Tal came to work for Performance Sails during the transition from a part-time business to a full time enterprise in the new larger loft. He was a big contributor to the business and was instrumental in putting in place the administrative and inventory systems needed to support the expanded venture.

Tal now works as the general manager at a major Toronto yacht club but continues to be a supporter of Performance Sails and a friend of Durk’s having come down to crew at Chester Race Week along with his wife in 2014. When Durk’s contract expired with Michele Stevens and he started to build sails again under the Performance label, Tal was the first customer to order a new sail, for his C&C 27. Thank you Tal!